Discover more about our extensive range of professional services. Here are a collection of some graphics design projects we have worked on for our clients.

(Motivational and Inspirational)

Client name: YouUntapped (
Client industry: Motivational and Inspirational 

YouUntapped is a startup motivational and inspirational platform, that set out to empower their audience to unleash their untapped potential. YouUntapped set out to launch their platform via a 5-day virtual summit and commissioned us to create their branding elements and website.

Logo and brand sheet
We created a logo to capture the heart of the brand, placing the text ‘Untapped’ within ‘You’. This play on words depicts the fact that every untapped potential lies within the individual. A brand sheet was also created to describe the selected font and brand colors.



Client name: Threestrandcord (
Client industry: Relationships

Threestrandcord is a a body of Christian believers who aim to foster Godly marriages.

Logo and brand sheet
We designed a logo in the shape of a heart and representing the two partners by two halves of the heart having a handshake connected by a golden band. 
The design and colours are selected to depict the harmonious relationship between man, woman and God necessary to achieve a Godly marriage

Social Media Banner
We also created a digital banner to promote the “Link Up” Event organised by our client.

(Vendor Business)

Client name: VendorFort
Client industry: Vendor Business

VendorFort is a hub for sourcing event vendors.

Logo and brand sheet
We designed a logo with a creative blend of the Initials of the words Vendor and Fort(“V” and “F”) to form a bold solid house symbol emphasizing the brand that is VendorFort.

(Charity & Clothing)

Client name: GIGmovement(
Client industry: Charity & Clothing

GIGmovement is a charitable clothing line that raises money to support children in Africa.

Water Bottling and Sticker
We designed the bottle sticker and packaged the water used at the GIG Movement event and show.


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