YouUntapped was a start-up motivational and inspirational platform, that set out to empower their audience to unleash their untapped potential. The platform was to be launched through a 5-day Virtual Summit, and therefore commissioned us to create the website to host the summit.

Look, feel and accessibility

We designed a friendly, welcoming and warm website that was easy to navigate by visitors. A seamless and efficient approach was taken to allow visitors land on the intended page with the least amount of clicks possible.

Visually, the design elements were aligned with the brand's style guide.

Responsive design

The website presented a consistent design across all screen types and sizes. It was designed to work with both recent and legacy desktop and mobile web browsers.

User-centred content 

In line with the aims of the Virtual Summit,  new speaker videos were uploaded daily and unlocked for viewing in accordance with the programme. 

Payment options (PayPal and credit/debit card) were made available to registered users who desired unrestricted access to archived videos.

Intro videos

In addition, to the web design, we created branded Intro and Outro video animations for use at the start and end of each speaker’s video during the Virtual Summit.

Outro video